About Warm Spring Spa

Welcome to Warm Spring Spa! A place dedicates to provide the best professional massage to each of our value customers.

A brief history:

Ms. Liang is the creator of our Warm Spring Spa; she blends the art of oriental and western massage into unique styles of massage that only could be found in our place.  Ms. Liang is an expert in practicing massage and managing of its operations, having committed herself in the massage services for more than twenty years.  She started her career in China, where she learnt the tradition Chinese, Thai and Japanese styles of massage.  She then came to San Francisco Bay Area where she acquired the skill in western massages, including styles of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports.  With all these experiences, Ms. Liang has developed unique brands of massage that fusing the best of all styles into her own ones, and ready in providing them in our place.


Our philosophy:

Ms. Liang gives her personal touch to all the masseuses who work in our place.  In addition to the masseuses must be certified, she trains  everyone to learn  her unique styles of fusion massage, she also ensures that masseuses must having professional demeanors that they need to communicate well with the customers, be congenial and attentive to the customers’ massage needs.

Ms. Liang believes that massage is not only for the body but also for the mind.   We provide the most comforting ambiance to soothe your mind; our place is beautifully appointed with Asian and European decors, each treatment room is with ample space and relaxing lighting.  Our massage beds are uniquely designed to give you the best comfort when you lying down during the massage.

Ms. Liang also wants to have the best hygiene in our place.  Our place is always kept clean and fresh linens are provided in abundance.