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Address:46921 Warm Springs Blvd. Ste 103, Fremont, CA 94539​

Hours:10:00am ~ 9:00pm daily

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Our Front Door on Warm Springs Blvd.

Entrance on Warm Springs Blvd.

Entrance from the parking lot

Warm Springs District

Warm Spring Spa is located at the Warm Spring District in Fremont, California. It is the southernmost portion of Fremont whose hub is the Warm Springs Boulevard and Mission Boulevard intersection. Due to its proximity to the center of Silicon Valley, Warm Springs has attracted the headquarters of many high-tech companies including Nielsen Norman Group, Lam Research, Corsair Memory and Lexar of the US as well as foreign high-tech companies such as Elitegroup Computer Systems, and Asus. The district is also home to blue-collar industry.

Warm Springs also serves as commercial center for the mainly residential Mission San Jose district, especially since the construction of Pacific Commons, a large, modern regional shopping center. The large Asian population in Mission San Jose comes to Warm Springs for authentic Asian stores such as the Ranch 99 & Marina Supermarkets, as well as more traditional supermarkets such as Safeway.